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Agritourism Farmhouse to Vicenza and Province

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Agriturismo San Michele    -Vicenza-(Vi)

Info & Photo

Address: via Pergoletta, 118 - 36100 - 
Tel.0444/533754 - Fax.  0444/249118 - Opening: Annual
Geographical position: Hill-Altitude 400 mt
Apartments: Rooms 7 beds in total 19 -Indicative price:double room 60/90€ a day
Activity in firm: Swimmign pool - solarium  - excursions
Near activity: Horse riding - fishing - thermal bath - sail - mountain bike
Notes: situated in the "Valletta del silenzio", an oasis of peace and unsurpassed beauty few minutes away from vicenza’s historical centre.

Gruuntaal                              -Asiago- (Vi)

Info & Photo

Address: via Valle,69 - 36012 - 
Tel. 0424/692798 - Fax.          - Opening:Annual
Geographical position: Mountain-altitude  1000 mt
Apartments: 4 beds in total 16 -Indicative price:Ap.310/671€ a week
Activity in firm: Walks-trips-restaurant 
Near activity: Skate-swimming pool-ski-golf
Notes: -----

Villa Gianfranco               -Velo d'Astico- (Vi)

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Address: via Canova,7 - 36010 - 
Tel. 0445/742180 - Fax.          - Opening:Annual
Geographical position: Plain - altitude  400 mt
Apartments: Rooms 5 beds in total 16 -Indicative price: Double 52€ a day
Activity in firm: Mountain bike-swimming pool-archery-restaurant 
Near activity: Sporting installation
Notes: The farmhouse is at the heart of the beautiful Val d’Astico - Pets allowed

Il Castello                    -Barbarano Vicentino- (Vi)
Address: via Castello, 6 - 36021 - 
Tel. 0444/886055 - Fax.          - Opening:Annual
Geographical position: Plain-altitude  100 mt
Apartments: 4 beds in total 14 -Rooms 1 beds in total 2 -Indicative price: Ap. 20,65€ person a day-Double 45€ a day
Activity in firm: Excursions
Near activity: Cultural excursions
Notes: -----

Valle Bianca                  -Lusiana-(Vi)
Address: via Campomezzavia,15 - 36046 - 
Tel.0424/704084 - Fax.       - Opening: Annual
Geographical position: Mountain-Altitude 1000 mt
Apartments: Rooms 4 beds in total 12 - Indicative price:Double 58€ a day  
Activity in firm: Walks-sled-biological product- restaurant
Near activity: Horse riding-ski-golf-skating on ice-tennis
Notes: -----

Al Ciliegio                         -Marostica- (Vi)
Address: via Valbella Alta,5 - 36063 - 
Tel. 0424/77732 - Fax.          - Opening:March/September and Weekend
Geographical position: Hill-Altitude 200 mt
Apartments: Rooms 3 beds in total 6 -Indicative price: Double 49€ a day
Activity in firm: Walks-restaurant 
Near activity: Sporting installation-swimming pool-excursions
Notes: To 3 kms from Marostica

For confirmation of inserted data, please to directly contact farmhouses  or to consult the web site of same if available

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